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Egypt (Xbox One / Xbox Series X / Xbox 360) Download

Now you can Download Egypt Game on Xbox One / Xbox 360 / Xbox Series X / Series S. Download Egypt Xbox Live Digital Code / Game Pass / Gift Card Code here and get the game for free. On OGamesHunt, You will learn How to Download & Install Egypt on Xbox Consoles.

egypt xbox

Egypt is the newest installment in Action category. The game is Multiplayer and rated 82 of 100 on Game Store. It have been followed by more then 9398 users. A total of 4552 have posted their positive reviews about the game. It is launched in 7 languages – Italian, Czech, Romanian, Turkish, German, Russian, Serbian. It is rated 8.6 by IGN (International Gaming Network) and 93.8 / 10 Metacritic. Let us now Discuss about How to Download and Play Egypt Game on Xbox One, Series X consoles.

Egypt Overview

Game: Egypt
Game Store Ratings: 82 / 100
Followers: 9398 users
Language Supported: Italian, Czech, Romanian, Turkish, German, Russian, Serbian
Category: Action
Game Engines: Not Available
Franchises: Un-known
Metacritic Ratings: 93.8 / 100 ratings
IGN Ratings: 8.6 / 10
In-Game Modes: Multiplayer
Reviewed by: 4552 Reviewers

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How to Download Egypt on Xbox One / Xbox Series X ?

To Download Egypt on your Xbox Console, You need to use Xbox Live codes. This is simplest way to download game digitally on your Xbox device.

First of all, We should know about Xbox Live Codes and Gift Card Codes.

Xbox Live Codes are generally 25 characters in length. It contains combination of both letters and numbers. The format is 5X5 shown as follows:


You can redeem these codes to make Purchases at Microsoft Store and Subscriptions for Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass.

How to Redeem Egypt Code in Xbox One / Series X

STEP 1: First, Sign into your Microsoft Account from Xbox Console.

STEP 2: From Home Screen, Select ‘My games & apps’, choose ‘Apps’.

xbox my games

STEP 3: Select Store’ from top Menu.

xbox store

Step 4: Click Use a Code’ from the list.

use code

STEP 3: Open Side menu by moving cursor or by clicking ‘View’ button.

STEP 4: Choose ‘Redeem’ option from list.

enter code

STEP 5: Enter 25 Character game code for Egypt and proceed.

xbox games

STEP 6: You are done! Enjoy.

How to Redeem Egypt Code using Web Browser?

Besides Xbox Console, You can apply code directly from a Computer, Laptop or Mobile Phone. You can do so by following steps.

  1. Open your web browser.
  2. Go to Microsoft Redeem website.sign in
  3. Login to your Microsoft Account.
  4. Enter 25 Character code and click Next.redeem code

So, this is how you Redeem Egypt Xbox Code using a Web browser. You can do it from any smartphone or desktop device.

How to Redeem Egypt Code from Windows 10

  1. Open your PC and make sure you are signed in with your Microsoft Account.
  2. Go to Start menu and search for ‘Microsoft Store’.search microsoft store
  3. Open Microsoft Store.microsoft store home
  4. Click on More and then Redeem a Code.redeem Egypt code
  5. Enter your Egypt Code and proceed with all steps.enter Egypt code
  6. You are done. Check Xbox console to see changes.

How to Redeem Egypt Code from Xbox 360?

Redeeming the Code on Xbox 360 is a bit tricky. Follow these steps to redeem code in your Xbox 360 console.

  1. Sign into your Xbox 360 with your official Microsoft account.
  2. Click on ‘Xbox Guide’ from the controller.
  3. Choose ‘Games and apps’ and Click ‘Redeem Code’.
  4. Enter your 25 character code for Egypt and proceed with all steps.
  5. You are done. Enjoy!

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